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The beauty of our world lies in our diversity, culture, landscape, beauty and heart. As humans, we are tenacious, sensitive, emotional and adventurous. This is true to who we are regardless of origin.

To be an African in the diaspora, you must have either willingly migrated, or be a descendant of historic African migrants.

While the Africans on the native continent share common roots with their brothers and sisters in the diaspora, our differences are often emphasized based on the stories told by the media, and aggrieved or poorly informed migrants. Most times, the manner in which these stories are told also serves to deepen the divide between the diaspora Africans and Africans on the continent.

But, what if we have the chance to stir the narrative in the right direction? What if we have a platform that allows us to share the experiences of Africans in the diaspora — unfiltered, untainted and verified?

A platform that lets us define the connections to Africa without fear of prejudice. Such an avenue will help to deepen the ties we have to Africa, answer personal questions, trigger independent pursuit of purpose, appreciate every second of being and help us to keep our black pride alive.

Look no further as we build together, a platform for generations past, now, and to come. I welcome you to the Culture Tube, fostering African connections.

Yours in service,

Saheed O. Adeleye.


To foster deeper and uplifting relationships between Africans, African immigrants, and people of African descent, by giving them a safe and positive space to control the narratives of their respective realities, appreciate their diversities and embrace their similarities.


To create a community of Africans in the Diaspora and on the continent and people of African descent who are unified in their purpose to deepen their ties to Africa and create sustainable impact in their respective communities.