Our Team

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Saheed O. Adeleye
Saheed is an entrepreneur, public service officer and a parent. His knowledge and skills in the areas of business development, marketing, operations and strategy have afforded him the opportunity to work across various sectors, such as: Telecommunications, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Government, Entertainment, and Hospitality.
Saheed is a strong advocate for self-development and community growth and seeks for increased engagement of the African diaspora in Africa.
He is also a staunch member of the dodo gang (lovers of fried plantain) and believes that Nigerian Jollof rice reigns supreme.
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Syreeta E. Akinyede
Editor/Content Lead
Syreeta is the author of “From Interviews To Stories: The Groundwork To Fuss About”. She started writing stories that inspire and connect people, long before she learned how to ride a bicycle (she learned to ride after becoming a mom of three).
She has worked and continues to work with top Nigerian lifestyle magazines like Modemen, and is a social media manager for both local and international SMEs. Her love for creating magic with words rivals her love for cooking spicy Nigerian Jollof.
Ugo Anikpe
Ugo Anikpe is a first-generation American born Nigerian with a passion for people. The only thing that makes him feel more fulfilled than a bowl of his mother’s egusi soup is when he’s affecting positive change in the world. Ugo also has a strong passion for mental health and lifetime development with 10+ years in the non-profit arena. A psychology and clinical mental health background equip him with the tools necessary to facilitate a transformation that empowers individuals and organizations to reach their goals. Ugo takes great pride in his Nigerian heritage; he joins The Culture Tube team in hopes to create a sustained medium for content and engagement that will preserve Nigerian culture for generations to come.
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Priscillia Uzomah (Rigozo)
Priscillia is a Nigerian-born writer and photographer whose obsession with plantain is a bit disturbing. She believes that storytelling is a universal language that impacts every facet of life.
When she’s not writing stories or holding a camera, she’s either reading a book, doing yoga, watching k-drama, braiding her 4C hair, or avoiding people both in real life and on Instagram. She hopes to be a cat & dog mom in future.
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Bismark Egyir-Andrews
Creatives / Web Developer
Bismark is a creator of ideas, graphic designer, web developer, cinematographer and skilled in social media management and promotions. His love and knowledge for creativity has earned him lots of accolades with massive positive reviews. He owns Spiderteck Studios – a creative studio located in Ghana with local and international clients. Growing up, he wanted to become a catholic priest and preach the word of God. But now he is preaching to the world with his works and services he renders to religious organizations globally.
Anino Aganbi
Anino is a Nigerian-born writer. She started reading from a very tender age so she believes storytelling should be fun and witty. When she’s not writing, she’s either watching cartoons or reading novels.
Anino started writing professionally in 2012 and since then, she has garnered vast experience on her journey as a writer and proofreader.